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Outdoor Restroom at McKeon Reserve

Lowe’s employees pitch in to assist Mousam Land Trust As part of  its community support and volunteering, the goal for Lowe’s 310,000 employees is to invest $350 million and 3 million volunteering volunteer hours by 2025. This goal came a small step closer to… Continue Reading “Outdoor Restroom at McKeon Reserve”


August 15, 2018 This wretched weather is not only stressing our habitats, but also our schedules for various projects! Remember to slow down a bit and stay hydrated. Our next meeting is at 10 AM on September 19 at the Sanford Chamber of Commerce;… Continue Reading “SUMMER NEWSLETTER”

Land Trust Standards and Practices Program

Through a grant awarded to MWLT from Maine Coast Heritage Trust, several of our Directors recently completed an instructional program regarding the tenets of the Land Trust Standards and Practices Program. Maureen Hoffman, an experienced land trust practitioner and trainer, was our consultant, leading… Continue Reading “Land Trust Standards and Practices Program”

Meadow Restoration Demonstration Project; McKeon Environmental Reserve

Early last April at Springvale Nurseries, the students sowed some milkweed seeds, under the watchful eye of their teachers and some Trust directors. The plants thrived under the care of the nursery’s staff, and were ready for their permanent new home at the Trust’s… Continue Reading “Meadow Restoration Demonstration Project; McKeon Environmental Reserve”

Wetland Waterfowl Habitat Support: McKeon Environmental Reserve

On an unusually warm Spring-2018 day, some Sanford Bridge School students helped some ducks which were finding the habitat at The McKeon Reserve in Springvale to their liking. Recent logging operations affected some of the nesting cavities used by the native Wood, Mallard, and… Continue Reading “Wetland Waterfowl Habitat Support: McKeon Environmental Reserve”

Upland Bird Habitat Support: McKeon Environmental Reserve

On a cool April-2018 day, Sanford Alternative High School students completed their science project. Each student identified a bird species about which they would study. Habitat, behavior, and nesting requirements were some areas of study. Nesting boxes were then designed, built and brought to… Continue Reading “Upland Bird Habitat Support: McKeon Environmental Reserve”

York County Senior College; Spring Semester, 2018

The Mousam Way Land Trust participated with the University of Maine’s York County Senior College (YCSC) for the Spring, 2018 classes, leading a series of “Out in the Woods” walks which provided an opportunity for York County adults of 50+ years old to explore… Continue Reading “York County Senior College; Spring Semester, 2018”

Earth Day, 2018: Tree Planting, McKeon Environmental Reserve

A collaborative effort was hosted on Earth Day, 2018 by MWLT at the McKeon Reserve involving local Boy, Girl, and Cub Scouts, and The Sanford Rotary Club. As part of Rotary’s sustainable service, their tree planting initiative goal is to plant a tree representing… Continue Reading “Earth Day, 2018: Tree Planting, McKeon Environmental Reserve”

United Way Day of Caring-2018

As in previous years, Mousam Way Land Trust participated in United Way of York County’s annual Day of Caring. This volunteer community event brought 16 folks from Pratt & Whitney to the McKeon Environmental Reserve in Springvale to work in the woods alongside most… Continue Reading “United Way Day of Caring-2018”

The McKeon Environmental Reserve

Encompassing 110 acres of land along both Blanchard Road and Sanford’s Rail Trail in Springvale, Maine, the McKeon Environmental Reserve offers over 2 miles of easily followed, well cared for trails, and headwaters of forested wetlands within a 1600 acre undeveloped block located within a… Continue Reading “The McKeon Environmental Reserve”