Wetland Waterfowl Habitat Support: McKeon Environmental Reserve

Wetland Waterfowl Habitat SupportOn an unusually warm Spring-2018 day, some Sanford Bridge School students helped some ducks which were finding the habitat at The McKeon Reserve in Springvale to their liking. Recent logging operations affected some of the nesting cavities used by the native Wood, Mallard, and Merganser Ducks, so this science project was both timely and educational. Led by their teachers, and with naturalist support by the Trust, the group studied the requirements of the various birds, constructed nesting boxes appropriate to the species’ needs, brought them to the Reserve, and made their way down the 1/2 mile trail to the ducks’ water habitat. Their studies also included learning the proper nesting box placement: in or very near the water, and tipped towards the water so the baby ducks can drop to safety. All four boxes made it to their respective mounting trees and are now awaiting their new tenants. 

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