Meadow Restoration Demonstration Project; McKeon Environmental Reserve

Early last April at Springvale Nurseries, the students sowed some milkweed seeds, under the watchful eye of their teachers and some Trust directors. The plants thrived under the care of the nursery’s staff, and were ready for their permanent new home at the Trust’s Meadow Restoration Demonstration Project at the McKeon Reserve in Springvale. On June 1st, those same students dug holes and placed the young milkweed plants into them, gently packed with new soil, and given a big drink of water. After a lunch break, locally-grown young coneflower plants were also planted, and then all plants were given a second drink of water. Excitement was had when one boy, during a comfort break, was heard yelling, “It’s a Koala!”, and then, “It’s a Black Bear!” The wild creature was determined to be a very young porcupine! Dr. Bud then informed the students that through their hard and careful work, the Meadow Project has officially started, and they are the first group to help with this wildlife conservation effort. He invited them to come back anytime to check up on their plantings, and to observe the butterflies and birds that their plants will help to support for years to come.

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