Assisted Migration Project

Continued climate warming will disrupt our forests and their ability to lessen the impact of high CO2 levels.  We will lose our cool adapted evergreens and hardwoods which ,in turn, will change the nature of the forest and everything in and around it.  The Mousam Way Land Trust is initiating a project to plant warm adapted southern tree species on our reserves in anticipation of this radical change.  In time these southern replacements will become part of the forest and restore some balance.

You are invited to help us go one step farther by planting these replacements in your own landscape from which they will eventually spread.  If you become a member of our land trust or make a donation, you will receive a collection of five different species of seedlings to plant.  You also may choose to have the land trust plant them in strategic areas.  The selected species are attractive shade trees and most provide food for wildlife:  Redcedar, Bitternut Hickory, Tulip  Tree, Hackberry, and Bald Cypress.  They all will do well in ordinary garden soil where they receive sun most of the day.  Bald Cypress also will grow in wet soil with sun.

To help with this project, click here to donate , or complete our membership form by clicking here.  If you prefer to use a check, make it payable to MWLT, fill out the form below.  In either case you will be advised by email about receiving the seedlings so please provide your email address.       


Name  __________________________________         Phone  _________________________

Email  ___________________________________________

o  Single Membership $25;  Family $40; Corporate $100

o  Donation  $_____________  In honor/memory of  __________________________________

o  I will plant them.  You will be contacted when they are available.

o  Please plant them on land trust property to benefit our future.  We will let you know when they are planted.

Mail to: Mousam Way Land Trust, 917 Main Street, Suite B, Sanford, Maine 04083

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