A Tree Grows in Sanford

Another of many wonders happening at the 3 Rivers Land Trust, Mousam Way Land Trust, and Sanford Trails collaborative land conservation project. 13,000 or so years ago, melting glaciers dropped large rocks called “erratics” onto the ground. Lichen, a 1/2 plant 1/2 animal, symbiotic thing, formed from algae and fungal stuff and attached to the erratic. The lichen lived and fed by injecting rock-dissolving acid into the rock, spreading over the erratic’s surface. Moss spores, carried by the wind, landed on the lichen and began to grow. The moss created a rich, moist place for the seed of a tree to sprout. This sprout spread its roots along the now moss-covered rock, reaching to the surrounding soil and anchoring and feeding the growing tree. This series of events resulted in this large black birch for us to ponder! More about Black Birch here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/the-mckeon-reserve/black-birch/1840941949309346/

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