Kennebunk Savings Bank Volunteers Help Build Safe Trails at Lowd Reserve

On an unusually warm May morning, thoughtful folks from Kennebunk Savings Bank volunteered alongside Sanford Springvale Mousam Way Land Trust directors to complete the installations of two footbridges and a boardwalk at the Trust’s latest acquisition—a 16 acre reserve donated by Mrs. Rebecca Legro. Located just a half mile up Oak Street from Springvale square, the Lowd Environmental Reserve, named after Mrs. Legro’s family, has footpaths that make for a pleasant and easy walk. The new crossings will keep feet dry and safe while passing over a few wet areas along newly created trails that offer views of huge oaks, stone walls, a very small but peaceful upland meadow, and an interesting old horse grave that’s surrounded by the last items that the team of horses hauled—the stones that mark their resting place, buried with their harnesses, succumbing to old age. A huge pine has grown from the center of their tombs, standing sentinel for the beasts’ memorial of the hard woods work performed during their decades of service for their obviously loving master. Folks are welcomed to use these non-motorized, and as yet unmarked, trails from dawn to dusk, and can park off road in the new parking area behind the roadside sign. A dedication ceremony for the Reserve is planned for later this summer.

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