The McKeon Environmental Reserve

Encompassing 110 acres of land along both Blanchard Road and Sanford’s Rail Trail in Springvale, Maine, the McKeon Environmental Reserve offers over 2 miles of easily followed, well cared for trails, and headwaters of forested wetlands within a 1600 acre undeveloped block located within a highly sensitive “Conservation Focus Area” of Sanford. This creates many diverse trail options, offering a surprisingly quiet, almost wilderness-like experience with a trailhead less than 4 miles from Springvale Center. To maintain this experience, to not negatively impact wildlife, and to protect fragile soils and ongoing community and student projects, motorized use and hunting is not allowed

These trails are now being discovered by the many folks using the linked “Rail Trail”, Sanford Trails’ 6 mile, multi-use and heavily used, re-purposed “Portland and Rochester Railroad Company” (1870) rail road bed. The Reserve’s land has been logged for various reasons over the years, creating many logging and skid trails which began receiving year round use by the locals. These trails traverse several Forested Wetlands; rolling uplands peppered with large glacial erratic boulders; soil types advantageous to species restoration and re-habitation; and an interesting plutonic outcrop which forms a 25’ cliff plunging into the meandering, bird-rich Branch River.

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