Donate your land

Maine’s traditional land ethic recognizes that land cannot be measured solely in economic terms; Clean water, wildlife habitat, scenic beauty, outdoor recreation, economic livelihood, and community enrichment all elevate the a quality of our lives — the safeguarding of which rests largely with landowners who voluntarily preserve this quality. Deciding the fate of a cherished place is a rare opportunity, both a privilege and a responsible action towards sharing a special place.  

Take time to consider what you want to protect. Each conservation strategy is tailored to the landowner’s needs and their property’s special features, utilizing several techniques for conservation options. There’s a plethora of land conservation vehicles available; Conservation Easements, Remainder Interest, Donating Land by Will, Donating Properties to Generate Conservation Funds, Donating Undivided Interests in Land, Donations that Establish a Life Income, Charitable Remainder Trust, Fair Market Value Sale, Bargain Sale, Charitable Contributions, Deed Restrictions, Management Agreements, etc.

As you plan for your property’s future, consultations with a land trust and its cadre of professionals can guide the process towards a successful transition tailored to particular tax, estate, and financial situations. Thorough planning will ensure that your project is completed in a timely manner, provide the results that you want, and you will gain the security of knowing that the land you treasure is protected forever.

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Sanford Springvale Mousam Way Land Trust, 510 Main Street, Springvale, ME., 04083 207-324-4280

More information is available here: 

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