Central Maine Power at Deering Heights Reserve

Around 2012, Central Maine Company (CMP) built a power line, disturbing delicate wetlands. To mitigate for this impact, CMP was required to provide the area with similar wetland habitat, and to protect it in perpetuity. Land was purchased from Mark Brown, established as a Conservation Area, and given to Mousam Way Land Trust for this perpetual conservation on December 12, 2013. 

The entrance to this 73 acre area, consisting of three separate parcels all abutting the power line corridor, is located at the cul-de-sac on Rolling Woods Drive housing development off Deering Neighborhood Road in Springvale. A trail is being planned along the CMP-reserved Right of Way, a rolling, curvy footpath that will link to the very rocky corridor ending at Hanson Ridge Road to the West and the Reserve’s boundary on the East. Other than possible wildlife and botanical restoration efforts, this area is a designated “Forever Wild”, so management consists of periodic monitoring to ensure lack of encroachments and vernal pool health.

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