Sanford Community Garden Sign-up Form

Sanford Community Garden Hosted by Sanford/Springvale Mousam Way Land Trust; Managed by University of Maine Extension Service’s York County Master Gardener Volunteers

After an absence of several years, Sanford has a community garden where folks can grow their own organic vegetables, flowers, and herbs. The Sanford Community Garden is located at the Pence Community Ecology Center in the McKeon Environmental Reserve on Blanchard Road in Springvale. Last May, the garden was created by applicants, Master Gardener Volunteers, Land Trust members, and others. Access road and parking lot improvements, and a tool shed followed.

Garden Philosophy

The tool shed will serve as a communications center. Notices will be posted, along with the garden guidelines, and lists of approved organic soil amendments, pesticides, and herbicides. Master Gardener Volunteer contact for help with any problems and questions you may have, and a message board will also be there.

You’ll be encouraged to use the square foot gardening procedure developed by Mel Bartholomew as a means of getting the most out of a limited space, but you can use whatever layout you want. By the same token, certain species and varieties will be recommended based on experience. Again, you may choose your own. In any case, the point you should keep in mind is that the size of the bed places a limit on how many types of plants you can grow.

The Garden

Each selected applicant will have a four-foot by twelve-foot, 10 inch high raised bed filled with blended topsoil amended with compost. Two plots will be reserved for home school students and their families. Three other plots are for local food pantry donations and Community Gardeners are asked to help with tending these. 

Selected applicants will be assigned plots on a first-come, first-served basis, and will be expected to volunteer at least three hours of caring for the food pantry plot during the growing season; this is a requirement for having a plot in the garden another year.

Gardening tools, water, and a first aid kit will be available for gardeners to use. Master Gardeners will provide advice and help, if needed. They will also oversee the garden beds and the food pantry plot. An ADA-accessible outdoor restroom is on site. 

Applicants, Master Gardeners, and land trust members plan to gather prior to the growing season to go over guidelines, review some of the techniques of square-foot gardening, and answer any questions folks might have about the garden or gardening. This meeting will be announced in March.

General Policies

  1. The following are not allowed: Smoking, alcohol, pets, subletting plots, non-organic control materials, unattended children, fresh manure, cannabis, illegal or invasive plants.
  2. Place disease-free plants, parts, and weeds in the compost pile provided.
  3. When leaving the garden, return any tools you used to the tool shed, lock it, and make sure the water spigot is turned off.
  4. Consider neighboring plots when planting vine or tall-growing plants such as cucumbers, squash, corn or sunflowers; use dwarf-type varieties and plant tall or trellised crops down the center of the bed.
  5. Plots should be fully planted by June 8, and be properly cared for during the whole season; ask for help if you need it!

Using a plot at the Sanford Community Garden is a privilege; the Advisory Committee reserves the right to revoke the privilege of any gardener at any time for any reason it deems appropriate. Call 206-5934 or email via application with any questions. Complete one of the following types of “Application For Community Garden Plot” and General Rules and Waiver Contract” for consideration. 

Application For Community Garden Plot

General Rules and Waiver Contract

I agree to waive, release, and hold harmless Sanford Springvale Land Trust, York County Cooperative Extension Service, and Master Gardener Volunteers from any and all damages, claims, suits, or injuries. By using the Sanford Community Garden located at Blanchard Road in Springvale, I assume responsibility for all risks, damages, to self or personal property and hazards, including ant third parties I may bring onto said property, for the purposes of gardening or otherwise. Insurance coverage is my own responsibility. I agree to act in a safe, sensible, and responsible manner, and will use respect with property and other people while at the garden. I also understand and agree to follow garden rules and policies.

I have read and understand the General Rules and Waiver Contract. I understand that my signature here is an acceptance of the General Rules and Waiver, and I agree to abide by them.

Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: __________________________

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