Global Warming is Creating Ice in Greenland!

Greenland ice is actually building. Although this seems improbable due to Earth’s increasing temperature, it’s true…AND…it’s increasing sea water level rise!!

Here’s how.
Glaciers form where snow accumulates and, under pressure from the weight of more accumulating snow, forms ice. This usually happens on large, depression-shaped landforms (similar to those which hold lake water) which allow snow to collect and compress under its own weight. This creates granular ice, also called névé. (We see this stuff in early spring, as the surface snow melts.). Further snowfall adds weight, crushing the snow/névé layers to create “firn”, as more air is squeezed out. At about 10% air, glacial ice is formed. 


…with fewer air bubbles held within the ice, light is less scattered and able to penetrate more deeply into the ice. This effectively absorbs the red and yellow light, and reflects back the blue; hence the “Blue Ice” of the very dense glacial ice. 

Anyway, the ice being formed is not glacial ice; it’s ice slabs, being formed very close to the glaciers surface, above layers of ice crystals called “névé”, or “firn”. The warming temperatures of Earth are melting the snow that falls on the glaciers more quickly than the névé layers of ice crystals below this snowmelt would normally absorb. As the snowmelt sinks into the névé layers, it freezes the layers together, forming a layer of ice on top of the spongy névé layers, effectively damming the snowmelt flow. This causes the water to flow downhill into the ocean instead of becoming an additional layer of névé which would have eventually added to the glacial ice mass. 

There’s a short video here explaining this action.  

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