Earth Day, 2018: Tree Planting, McKeon Environmental Reserve

A collaborative effort was hosted on Earth Day, 2018 by MWLT at the McKeon Reserve involving local Boy, Girl, and Cub Scouts, and The Sanford Rotary Club. As part of Rotary’s sustainable service, their tree planting initiative goal is to plant a tree representing every Rotary member to highlight the organization’s commitment to protecting the environment and curbing climate change. The trees were identified as being valuable for the ability to support the area’s diverse species populations. The Trust provided guidance regarding planting directions and optimum sites, provided tools and compost, and the Scouts assisted some Rotarians with the actual plantings. Holes were dug by the young environmentalists, seedlings planted with compost, and gently, but thoroughly watered to give the young shoots the best chance to grow. The locations along the trails means that the scouts can return with their own children in the years ahead to check up on their efforts. The trees will support the many insects the eat their leaves and bark, which in turn feed the birds and other creatures of the forest. Chirping birds and screeching owls will thank these young environmentalists with their forest songs.

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